Save the Kentile Floors Sign

The Kentile Floors sign is an iconic part of the landscape of Brooklyn. Sitting eight-stories high, with striking red neon lettering, the decades-old sign has towered over the Gowanus Canal area for 50 years, admired every day by straphangers traveling along the Culver Viaduct and drivers on the Gowanus Expressway. In many ways, it stands for Gowanus.

Unfortunately, building owner Ely Cohen (of Regal Home Collection) has been issued a demolition permit by the NYC Department of Buildings to remove the sign. Efforts last year to have the sign landmarked were rejected by the Bloomberg Administration's Landmarks Preservation Commission.    

Mr. Cohen, we implore you to reconsider removal of this important piece of Brooklyn’s industrial landscape. At the very least, commit to preserve the sign intact and donate it to a conservation organization for future re-use in the Gowanus area.

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signed 2014-07-06 22:01:16 -0400
We’re already losing icons left and right here in Brooklyn, so please! By all means, let’s save this iconic part of our skyline!
signed 2014-07-06 21:57:08 -0400
This sign is a part of Brooklyn’s history and should not be taken down.
signed 2014-07-01 15:37:05 -0400
Brooklyn NEEDS the sign and to be able to see it from elevated trains and the BQE
signed via 2014-06-24 12:25:44 -0400
signed 2014-06-22 19:03:07 -0400
signed via 2014-06-22 18:59:30 -0400
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Save the sign!
signed 2014-06-21 15:49:39 -0400
signed via 2014-06-21 10:43:26 -0400
signed via 2014-06-21 06:18:16 -0400
signed via 2014-06-19 15:33:10 -0400
signed 2014-06-18 21:57:02 -0400 is a formed group to save the NYC Horse Carriages and other Iconic NYC monuments. The Kentile Floor Sign is iconic to Brooklyn just like the Central Park Carriage Horses are iconic to Manhattan. We’ll be making a small donation to do our part to help preserve the sign and this piece of Iconic NYC.
posted about this on Facebook 2014-06-18 16:54:06 -0400
Sign the petition: Save the Kentile Floors Sign
signed via 2014-06-18 16:53:27 -0400
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signed 2014-06-18 11:58:49 -0400
My father worked at Kentile for over 25 years. Please preserve the sign!!!!
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posted about this on Facebook 2014-06-17 12:10:20 -0400
Sign the petition: Save the Kentile Floors Sign
signed 2014-06-17 12:09:52 -0400
There is no reason to demolish the sign! Please save the Kentile Floors Sign!!
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signed 2014-06-16 12:40:34 -0400
I have lived in Brooklyn for twelve years and this sign is a symbol of Brooklyn. Please help preserve or at least conserve this sign. Thank you.
signed 2014-06-16 11:50:25 -0400
Thank you Brad Lander for saving this landmark!
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