Save NYC's Most-Beloved Small Businesses - Mom & Pop rent Increase Exemption

New York City’s small businesses are increasingly under pressure as commercial rents rise, often facing rent increases upwards of 50 percent, especially when their leases expire. New legislation would create a property tax exemption for landlords who offer independently-owned small businesses a long-term lease with fair increases & a fair renewal clause. This “Mom & Pop Rent Increase Exemption” would save some of NYC’s most-beloved small businesses, preserve retail diversity, and create more livable neighborhoods.

In a new City Council Report, 
Planning for Retail Diversity, studies demonstrate the explosive growth of chain stores, rent increases as high as 86% for retail space since 2006, and evidence of “high rent blight” where landlords leave retail storefronts vacant in the hopes of attracting higher rent tenants.

Sign the petition below if you support legislation that will encourage landlords to enter into long-term, affordable leases, with fair renewal clauses, with mom & pop retailers. 

Let's work together to save NYC's most-beloved small businesses. 

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