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Drivers and Pedestrians

It is certainly admirable that everyone wants to make drivers drive more safely.  Nevertheless, I think that there should be a campaign to help pedestrians understand their part in being safe.  All over the city we see people crossing the street when the light is against them, jaywalking, trying to outrun a car coming down the street, standing in the middle of the street to see if their bus is coming, etc. etc.  These practices are dangerous!  People must be made aware that they should not do these things.  It is tempting fate!  Drivers can only do so much to maintain safety.  Pedestrians must do their part as well.

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I really like the idea of preserving the sign

Donating it to a museum where all can see.

It would be a really great thing to have an official instagram depository for the coolest iconic pictures of the sign from now until ....#kentilefloors

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